No need to solo everything to win the game, that is my opinion about pay2win facet, we could even party2win.Plus there are a lot of approaches to gain free damage, certain other ways ought to be far more accessible, Maplestory 2 Mesos aside from putting cubes in FM shop.

The dearth of free stuffs also creates prohibited transaction in pay2win aspect, but we won't talk about that further, unless you guys want and say it's related with my main subject, which is the consequence of pay2win facet. Pay2win aspect being a mixture of Nexon and gamers mentality faults.

If I need talk more about cap damage, since most classes have this exact same cap harm, it creates a kind of unbalance in classes mainly due to funding, and it is being a lot more pay2win. Dojo is the ideal case of class unbalance at cap amount also.

And I also think cap damage is way too high. I thought a lower cap is required and slightly nerf boss HP, not scaling with the lower cap because people can still solo end-game boss. They're end-game after all, but we could create a difficulty mode between normal and chaos boss.

Pretty much my idea about pay2win facet and this current cap damage.Your thought men about it? Can you think cap harm is fine now? What's the pay2win facet for you? Yay I made a shorter and more accurate thread.This isn't a rant, this is just my sincere opinion of an important aspect of this brilliant game, the value of the items in Maple Story gets completely destroyed with all the forthcoming Marvel Machine.

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