The pair continues to trade in an uptrend, making its way above the key resistance levels, 1.3940 and 1.3970. But at around 1.4050 there is also a key resistance, therefore it is expected the upward trend to continue in case it breaks the resistance level of 1.4050. In this case the upward momentum will increase and the market is to strive to grow to the level of resistance 1.4400, intermediate resistance will be at 1.4215. It is quite possible to expect breach of the resistance level 1.4400, in this case Eur/USD will reach the level 1.4635.

The downtrend will begin in case if the market remains below the support level 1.3860, in this case it will achieve the key support level at 1.3525. If prices continue to go down, we might achieve the strong support level at 1.3110, intermediate support level will be at 1.3365.

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