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    Default Simple,easy,and efficent

    hello all newbies,all begginers,and all traders,i fund a simple strategy that may help you to trade and even to scalp the market,and get the futur profit,so we start
    we will use three indicators,the Moving Average and the RSI with modifying settings.
    the MA will be simple and the first is "5MA" and the second will be "12MA"
    and in the RSI we wil put three levels wich are "50","30","100", and i will explain in charts,just easy and simple,respect rules and open operations
    entry point:
    -intersection between MAs
    -RSI >50
    -intersection between MAs
    -RSI <50

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    hang out in forex forums is really interesting, many knowledge how to be success in forex trade.
    Its nice thread guys..

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