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    Question Broker for scalping?

    Used a lot of brokers and PFG was the perfect for scalping last year, also traded with MBTrading, but they filtered quotes too much and had high spreads in NZ session.
    Now I have accounts with Thinkforex, Fxopen, Exness, Nordfx with rebates from Premium Trading.
    Could anyone give an advice which broker has the same spreads and is registered by FSA or NFA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mang_ncep View Post
    I'm use FBS as my broker... And i can do scalping with this broker...
    Do they have any restrictions using this method?

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    I think scalping is not very safe trading. Go for normal trading and use stop loss and take profit but some time for scalping there is a chance to take our account balance to Zero. Beside I do scalping but not every time some time. Try to change your strategy if that's not wining strategy. concentrate in your trading.

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