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    Default EXNESS is lowering the margin requirements for ECN accounts

    EXNESS is cutting the margin requirements for ECN accounts in half. This raises the number of trading strategies available to traders because of the increased free margin. With this in mind, EXNESS asks its clients to review the new leverage values given in the table below.

    Funds, USD Maximum leverage
    0 200 000 1:200
    200,000 and above 1:100
    Now for accounts with less than 200,000 USD, the maximum leverage allowed is 1:200. The maximum leverage size remains the same (1:100) for fund amounts more than 200,000 USD. Thus, the leverage offered by the company is one of the highest for ECN accounts among FOREX brokers in the same category.

    The decision to lower margin requirements on ECN accounts is intended only to create pleasant working conditions for the company's clients.

    You can change your leverage value in the Settings section of your Personal Area.

    For more information about EXNESS margin requirements, visit the "Leverage" section on the company's official site.

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    Default Raising margin requirements for metals instruments

    Dear clients and partners!

    We would like to inform you that, beginning 6/20/13, at EXNESS the margin requirements for all forex account types will double for metals instruments, i.e. for pairs that include gold and silver (XAU and XAG).

    The following table shows an example of the upcoming change to margin requirements for Mini accounts using the XAUUSDm instrument:

    Instrument Current margin requirement Margin requirement beginning 6/20/13
    1:2000 1:1000 1:100 1:2000 1:1000 1:100
    XAUUSDm 0.05% 0.1% 1% 0.1% 0.2% 2%
    You will be able to learn more about the new margin requirement values for the indicated instruments in the Contract specifications section of the company's official website.

    Please bear these changes in mind when developing and applying your trading strategies.

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