When youíre trading forex, you want to ensure that the funds youíve deposited with your broker are in the safest of hands.

In March 2018 alone, Exness registered a trading volume of more than USD 375 billion. As one of the biggest forex brokers in the market, traders can rest assured that their funds with Exness are secure.

We secure your funds in three key ways: segregation, instant withdrawals, and verification. Letís go through these in some detail and find out more.

Segregated Funds
Exness keeps all trader funds completely separate from Exnessí own company funds, in accordance with our strict internal policies and procedures.

This means that even if the worst occured and something happened to Exness as a whole, customer funds would be completely secure.

Instant And Easy Withdrawals
Between January and March 2018 Exness clients withdrew more than USD 102 million from their accounts. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to access your money, not only by making the process simple but also by offering instant withdrawals.

We offer multiple payment systems within each country we operate in and the majority of these allow for instant withdrawals. This means that youíll have money back within the personal account you deposited with within seconds.

For those payment systems that do not allow for instant withdrawals, such as wire transfer, will generally take no more than 3-5 days to credit to your account.

Trader Verification
When we receive a request for a withdrawal we want to make sure that it is really you who is making it. To do so we have a verification process in place that takes moments to complete but will ensure your deposits are extra safe.

Upon setting up your trading account with Exness you select a security type, either email or a mobile device. When you go to make a deposit a verification code is sent to that selected security type, which you will need to enter before the withdrawal can be completed.

We want you to have total confidence in the security of the funds you deposit with Exness. Trade today with Exness and enjoy a secure trading experience!

When youíre trading, you want to ensure that the funds youíve deposited with your broker are in the safest of hands.