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    John joy is offline Senior Member
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    Aug 2018

    Default Trading platform

    Platform is a very special tool to all traders. Platform is of different types including web trader, android and IOS trader. It incorporates all essential trading tools with showing market price movement indeed. Trade12 offers all types of trading platforms to the traders. Here you are going to have more than 250 technical tools, one click trading facility. Itís specialty is that it is free of dealing desk, reqoutes and slippage.

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    Stive Welson is offline Senior Member
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    In this forex market, broker selection is always an important task for any forex trader. Thereby, I have selected my medium ForexChief after carry outing proper market investigation. I am enjoying free education with user friendly trading package: easy transaction facilities, direct market access, modern trading tools and techniques, technologically updated trading platform, lowest zero spread and 1:400 good leverage.

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    For sure, trading platform plays important role, but it is not the only tool necessary for successful trading.
    Professional traders use such addtional tools as:
    - position calulators, giving the possibility to calculate the exact position size depending on risk,
    - different notes to write down ideas and thoughts about the markets. The most common are OneNote and Evernote, but some trader prefer to wrtie down on paper.
    - special backtesting software, such as, for examlpe, Forex Tester. The software of that kind gives possibility to check new strategies, test thier performance and make changes. That is why backtesting software is one of the most important tools.

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    Sobahan Ali is offline Senior Member
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    We the traders who are particularly scalpers have to choose the brokers which for all time make sure lowest trading spreads which is very supportive to make profit with certainly by using scalping policy that brings profit in a short time.

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    Mark M is offline Senior Member
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    generally when choosing a broker , newcomer always fall a great trouble , because top rating brokers , their minimum deposit and trading spreads too high to survive. its a big problem right now.* *

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    herman.lopez is offline Junior Member
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    I use FreshForex's MT4 platform. It's easy to navigate, and I have no issue applying any technical indicators I prefer. Smooth, stable, responsive.

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