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Thread: Forex scam

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    Default Forex scam

    Scamming is a fraud of broker. Traders should be disengaged from scam broker as it fatal to them. Many brokers are indulging themselves into scamming day by day which makes a trader victim to be scammed. So it is the most buzz word now a day. So selecting a scam free broker has become necessary to the traders. Trade12 is a regulated broker which is free of scam and ensures all regulated facilities to the traders including no small deposit bonus.

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    I think the broker is scam for hiring you. You don't know anything about Forex and you are not a trader.

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    *i always try to maintain discipline when trading but honestly speaking i fail to keep it particularly market moves at random.* and of course trading is not easy than other tasks but within real money managing plan there is a chance to make trading easier. *

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