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Thread: best time in Fx

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    Default best time in Fx

    every time is best in Forex trading if you know how to manage money but for the beginners level it is more appropriate to avoid news trading , its too much complicated to predict the real faction of this market with certainly.*

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    I think it's all about watching the market, especially the fundamentals of the market before you trade as you can't really get a perfect time in the market. News Trading is very profitable for those who understands it. When the broker you use has fast execution and a platform that does not freeze, you will make profit off it. An example is the Forexchief server that many traders have said to be one of the best for news trading.
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    Of course, each time during the trading session has its own distinguishing features. Some periods could be characterized by high liquidity and volatility while other are quite and safe for newbie traders. So, the first point is to choose the proper time according to your strategy.
    Another point of attention is your schedule. Most of the forex traders have their main full time job, so they need to find enough free time not only for trading itself, but to analyse the markets and their trading perfromance. That is why it is necessary to choose the time that will be suitable for you according to your daily schedule.Of course it will be easier to find time for swing/mid-term trading rather than for active daytrading, but each trader can analyse the way he spend his time and find the most comfortable way to trade.

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