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Thread: Which pair

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    Default Which pair

    any major pair is safe for any kinds of traders particularly for beginners,
    newcomers should use it first in demo then in a cent account.**

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    I think you should start with very simple pairs here for your choice, something really really exotic for that matter. Something like USD/RUB or CHF/JPY or something even more exotic, but you really got my point, that way you have a way to profit.

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    You can start with XAUUSD since it is quite easy to understand its movements using technical analysis. There are on spikes or huge volatility in it, so it would be a comfortable instrment for newbie traders. It is quite easy to find information on gold price fundamentals, so you would be able to use fundamental analysis too if you will find out what impacts the gold price. Another important point is that experience in trading gold could help you in your trading career - as the next step, you can start trading gold as a commodity on futures exchanges (for example, the CME), but it requires more experience and financial resources to maintain the positions.

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