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Thread: skilled trader

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    Default skilled trader

    to be a skilled trader is a big deal , but its a long term process to achieve this position , for that reason most of us lost motivation after passing sometimes, so it is more appropriate to keep patience. *

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    It is important to say that to be a skilled trader do not always mean to be professional trader, it is mostly about the experience. There is an idea that each newbie trader treams about becoming a full time trader, but the reality is that trading profession could not be sutiable for everyone. It will be greate if someone could connect his main full time work with trading as an additional source of income, as the flexibility of the Forex gives possibility to act this way. Being full time trader is extremely stressfull and difficult, so it would be better for most of the traders to be a skilled and experienced part time traders and practice their trading skills from time to time. Trading education, and especially self-education, is very long process which reqiures a lot of time and efforts. That is why the trader should understand the reasons for going this way.

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    Experience is the best teacher. Every trader must understand that it takes a long time to gain the amount of experience to become an expert trader.

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