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Thread: Forex Leverage

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    Default Forex Leverage

    Leverage is an important too that always contains huge risk than other financial tools in Forex trading , so when using leverage make sure most powerful trading plan with real MM. otherwise you can fall a great losses.*

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    Sure, the trader has to understand how the leverage works and how it could influence his trading results. Leverage could be helpful as it allows to deposit relatively small amounts of money to reduce non-market risks related to the performance of the broker because there is no need to have large account to operate with several lots. At the same time, if the trader would use leverage just as the tool to "earn more" without the connection to risk management any money management rules, he would just wipe out the entire account, since leverage multiplies both profits and losses.

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    Leverage is important to us. Leverage is allow you to open a position with a big lot even your balance is low. I suggest you to trade with FreshForex and start trading with 1:2000 leverage, you will never get this leverage in another Forex broker.
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    I use Forexchief broker's platform, and they offer a very high leverage of 1:400 for all traders and assets. I can even trade stocks with such high leverage. Leverage only increases your risks when you decide to purchase more than what your margin could handle.

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