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    Default Top Forex Broker

    generally we beginners like to trade in top Forex broker but i have seen according to my trading experience their trading environment is not appropriate for newcomers in particularly due to high deposit and fast trading spreads, so i think top level trading brokers should comfortable for newcomers by providing as usual facilities. *

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    I have never searched for top broker or never going to look for it. It is always good that a trader should find the broker with his own choice and knowledge.

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    That is a personal decision. I use Forexchief and it has been a long time coming. It was not really my personal choice. It was recommended as a broker with very low spreads. So I decided to go with it for scalping purpose. So it all have to do with what kind of features the broker offers. Every broker has its advantages. But stay away brokers on the scam list on FPA.

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    Sometimes it is difficult to choose a broker to work with. As usual, newbie traders focus on trading conditions offered by the broker, such as spreads, commissions and list of instruments available for trading.

    Of course, all these elements are important, but it is also necessary to pay attention to other aspects.

    For example, almost all brokers provide special educational materials intended for newbie traders making their first steps in the sphere that is new for them.

    These materials could be presented in a form of guidance, books, webinars or just short videos describing particular elements of trading process.

    At the same time, some brokers could provide detailed and informative courses that could be useful for novice traders to attend. That is why trader should also assess the quality of additional educational materials provided by the broker because they can help him to accelerate his learing.

    Lack of knowledge is quite common among newbie traders, and such materials could be helpful to deal with this issue.

    So, when you are looking for the broker, you should always check the support it offers for newcomers. By the way, the quality of technical support is important too. Trader should ensure that it would be easy to access the broker`s support team in case of any technical issues or to recieve consultation in case of any questions arising.

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