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Thread: news trading

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    Default news trading

    news trading is much difficult than others session but i feel if you have most powerful analyzing fundamental knowledge and experience there is a chance to predict the real movement in this market with certainly during news.* **

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    When it comes to news trading, the best tool would be the economic calendar. This tool will show you some of the news that would have a huge impact on the market.

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    News trading could be very profitable, but the risk is very high too. News almost always cause elevated volatility and substancial price movements that sometimes could have to particular direction. That is why most of the traders could be stopped out during first minutes after the news were released. To avoid this, it would be better to analyse fundamental information and wait for directed trend movement to join it at the neares pullback. In such case it would be possible to get suitable risk-reward ratio.

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    Right News trading can be profitable if you know the right entry and exit that how you are going to analysis the market. But it is risky too so be careful.

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