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Thread: stock market

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    Default stock market

    as a newcomer , you can take this stock market as a source of earning but first of all you have to lean this trading place , otherwise no way to survive with successfully in here at all.

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    For sure you need to learn how to invest here, most people make their money from investing in stocks, not from trading on the forex, it's whole another level for everything. And your capital must be much much higher anyway for all this shit, that's for sure.

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    Trading stocks requires huge capital. Stock trading is for the big league players actually.

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    Trading stocks is a bit different from Forex trading. The main distinguishing features are the following:
    1. Underlying. In case of stock trading one can invest in particular companies while in Forex trader benefits from changes in prices of currenies expressed in other currency.
    2. Market nature. Stock exchanges are cetralized markets where market participants meet each other to conduct trades. Actually, a trader buying particular stock becames its owner. At the same time, retail Forex is an OTC market without physical delivery and the broker acts as a counterpart to each trade. This means that forex trader just makes a bet on changes of currency prices without purchasing particular asset.
    3. Entrance threshold. It is possible to start trading Forex even having $100-200 of initial capital while you will need at leas $25 000 to be able to make intraday trades in stocks. For sure, you can buy stocks even with lower capital, but keep in mind that in such case you will be subject to daytading regulation.
    4. Leverage in stocks is only 1:2 - 1:4, that means that most of the strategies used would be conservative enough in comparison with forex trading with huge leverage. At the same time, the risk of substantiall loss would be also lower.

    Each trader should analyze his personal preferrences and make his own choice depending on education, knowledge and financial capabilities.

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    Stock market is also a good investment if you really know how to trade there and what stocks are good for long term investment. It need knowledge but it is more safe then Forex.

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