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    Dear traders,

    May 2009 ended with a +401 pips performance. As signals transparency and results clarity is our main goal, WFXAdvisor provides each month detailled performance statistics, brokerage account statement and monitoring account read-only access :

    Performance Statistics :

    Triggerred trades : 12 trades
    Wiinning trades : 8 trades
    Losing trades : 4 trades
    Win/loss ratio. :66.66 %

    Best consecultive wins : +155 pips
    Worst consecutive loss : -62 pips

    Best trade : +132 pips
    Worst trade : -62 pips

    - Detailled trade results and brokerage account statement shows you trade-by-trade P/L (check our website)

    - Monitoring account is a demo trading account where we add and manage trades like WFXAdvisor's subscribers do.
    You are free to check yourself the trading account with read-only password :

    Platform : FxPro MetaTrader 4 ( to get the trading platform) :
    Name : WFXA Trades (May 2009)
    Login : 761610
    Investor : ora7neh (read only password)

    If you have any question about this performance report, or if you want to know more about our services, feel free to visit our website or contact us.

    Best Regards,

    David G.
    WFXAdvisor CEO & Head Trader

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    Hello, I'd like to ask what broker you've been using, and are you satisfied with them? Thanks...
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    Good information thanks.

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    Default eurusd signals plus another 11 instruments...

    Following Many movements on eurusd recently i noticed a few good indicators that i used that helped. MACD and RSI worked well on eurusd especially on 4H and 1D charts. Heiken indicator worked well on 30M and 1H. In the last few month si also decided to test many fx signal providers including zulu but id recommend fxpremiere com for the price was cheaper and you get both SMS & email signals twice a day an they send both SMS & Email signals simultaneously just incase 1 doesnt arrive in time for a trade. both of these seemed to be the best out there. zulu is larger more expensive however fxpremiere com i was amazed at how accurate these guys were with the hypothetical signals as a small group. so as for many currency pairs they are good. only gold was a bit of an issue as a signal. apart form that id recommend them to all as i ost a lot of money on other signal providers that were not good period..

    Beth and Marco - Monaco......

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