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    Forex is a term used to stand for the foreign exchange market. Many currency traders use online Forex brokers to buy and sell currency. Forex traders often use technical analysis to make their trading decisions. This involves studying combinations of price action (through chart patterns that emerge as price moves up, down and to the side) and technical indicators, which are supplied with any good trading software or charting website. Forex robots automatically make trades based on technical analysis techniques. There are lots of scam robots that make outrageous and untrue claims. The three mentioned here are trusted and long-standing best-sellers.

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    Forex markets are volatile are should be approached with caution - with the right trading platform and tool In my case this is zulutrade! I have traded the best trading platform.

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    I cannot trust on any Robots at all. Because they do work automatically and I have seen that Robots cannot understand the sentiment of market, they just place trade whenever they get chances, but market turns most of the time. This is why I do use Forex Holy Grail Strategy that provides me Trading signal on my trading chart and let me Enter on trading manually. As I am using it more than 3 months, I got that it shows accurate signal with 90% accuracy.

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    I have been trading for 15-16 months in Forex in that period i have never tried any robot or automatic system but i have heard and seen countless people do it and almost 99% have fallen. There are many who succeed in early but later they get level up and worst lose hugely.

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    1. Yes they work. The best in the world are never revealed. Why would anyone share it or even sell it, when the robot makes thousands or hundreds of thousands?
    2. Yes, they can. Not all robots can adjust to the market changing behavior. Even the best ones may become inefficient over the period of time as the old tendencies die and new rules are born.
    3. You certainly can reduce the risk, because when robots trade, they don't fall victims of psychology, fear and greed; humans, however, do.

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    Yes, Of course it is work, I am trading with FreshForex for 5 years using robot / EA from FreshForex, you can choose your personal robot from FreshForex website, you can buy it or you can get it for free... Absolutely up to you guys! FreshForex always provide you the best robot that you ever had. Let's try here and get your personal Robot / EA

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