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    Arrow Live Forex Trading Room Webcam

    Hi Everyone,
    just wanted to invite everyone to come see me trade live on our traderoom webcam. I trade the market live everyday for an audience of up to 200 pro forex traders daily in an online traderoom and in our physical traderoom in Malibu.

    This would be a great opportunity to witness an operational live forex trading room in action. If there was not a slight delay you would be able to follow our calls, but you will learn a lot just by stopping by...

    Traderoom hours are Mon-Thursday 8:30- Noon..

    the link is

    Again, this totally free, just come by and watch us trade and listen to our calls and analysis.

    I would be interested if anyone knows of anyone else that offers a traderoom cam..

    Also, If you stop by, please comment in this thread your thoughts, thanks all..

    ...good trades,

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    Arrow Now Trading Live!

    I invite all to stop by and check out our live forex trading room in action. We are live now.. The time is 9 am EST Tuesday, July 20, 2010. We have a live chat also that you may ask questions.. Take our calls, make some money this morning.. See you there. Forex Malibu Live Forex Trading Room. trading all,


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    Arrow live forex trading room performance..

    thanks to all who attended, here are the transcripts for today's calls...

    Please stop by to join us for free live forex trading session..

    ...good trades,

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the link, hope to catch you in action.
    [URL=""]Forex Legend[/URL]
    [URL=""]Forex bullet proof trading software[/URL]

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    Live and demo forex accounts have similarities and differences. Demos do not operate the same as a live account in all respects.

    A demo's interface will be the same as a live account. Meaning the operations of how to place trades and use the platform will be the same. The quotes you see for each currency pair will also be the same.

    Where a demo will differ is in the execution. Demos cannot simulate slippage which is important for market, stop loss, pending, entry orders,etc. So I wouldn't consider the demo to be exactly the same. The reason why demos don't simulate this is because the orders are not being sent to the banks for execution or the brokers dealing desk which would determine the availability of liquidity at that moment. Your demo order is not competing against a live account order.

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