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    Default What Is The Best Forex Indicator

    Every Forex trader want to know what is the best Forex Indicator. the answer is not so simple because each trading style have it's own best indicator. the following post is trying to answer the question: What Is The Best Forex Indicator.

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    Default trading system

    Hi Guys i Just Wanted to Show you my Trading System I have been using this Since 2008 This System Makes me Money Every Month!
    i lost a lot of trading accounts, Then i got lucky i heard a money manager mention what he has been using... NOW I GOT IT! ,
    This Software Works with any broker. And does not need metatrader. Only Takes 1 minute to set up and no setting or adjustments needed or long manual to read and master, you just plug - n- Play. the system Automatically Optimizes itself around the clock. and looks for trades none stop. When it finds a trade if will give you eact entry and exit instructions. What , pair get in at what level and where to exit as well as updates on moving your stop loss. I learned a ton from just watching it trade all the time. I think this is what a handful of signal services are secretly using.
    99% OF BOTS use metatrader and 99% of those bots donít Work, ďI have tried them all because metatraders code was not designed to handle real artificial intelligence. bot makers claim it, but metatrader code canít handle it. So they are fakes. And this is build using a code made for artificial intelligence. itís Called Joone. so now you know. I have mines running on my computer and i have a copy running on my smart phone so i get my trade alert anywhere in the world. Im not trying to brag, but thought I would just share on what im using. You can download a copy here.

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