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    Default Never Depend on your luck all time...

    Some traders like to trade with their luck rather analyzing the market.But may be sometime they get profit but most of the time they become loser.So we should become more skillful and depend on our hard work rather luck.

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    Gurleen Singh is offline Banned
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    Don't Trust on anyone. If You will get advice from financial experts then you have maximum chances to turn losses into profit. I m also getting the trust able commodity trading tips from expert and earned good profit on small investment.

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    I depend on my abilities and work in forex . Luck not matters if we are week in market analysis, emotional control and risk management . After having certains skills of trading luck can run with us. People who wait for any miracle that will bring profit for them are not walking on right path.
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    Trading just to rely on luck only that as well as gambling. To be able to get a consistent profit, we must have the knowledge and trading skills. Our trading ability should always hone in order to become better. Because it's like a knife, if we diligently hone it, would be more sharp. And do not forget to learn from the experience.

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    Forex is not like gambling so trader can not depend on his luck .Forex is a business where trader need to depend on his skill . The more you will be skillful the more you will make more .So trader have to learn and practice more and more to develop his skill .

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    We should learn properly to get good consistent profit while trading so every trader should make and follow some good strategies to earn good profit. Trader should not totally depend on the luck because it also results in failure that's why trader trader should develop their trading skills by practicing more and more in demo account.

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    Luck has nothing to do with trading, luck and hope are not part of a traders dictionary and you need to be good in order to be lucky.

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