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    Default 1LotSTP February Promotion:

    1LotSTP February Promotion:

    All new Forex ECN clients will receive $0* commissions for 30 days when funding your account by bank wire transfer.

    * Valid on a new ECN account with $1500 minimum deposit via bank wire.
    Existing ECN clients are eligible for this promotion with a new bank wire deposit of $1500 or more.
    Commissions incurred for February 2013 will be credited back to your account on March 1, 2013.

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    I tried it out and they are good

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    great service i like this . I am new in forex market.

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    I love 1LOTSTP Forex from FXSystems because they have good and fast execution and good customer support. They have MT4 support.

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    hotforex فرصة ربح ان شاءالله كويسة مع شركة
    اقل سبريد علي كل شيئ وجرب علي تجريبي وامكانية السكالبنج
    scalping allowed ,
    no requotesوالهيدج وhedge allowed
    و يوجد حساب اسلامي خاص وليس معدل كباقي الشركات وان شاء الله اي حد هيسجل تحتي بعطيه توصيات كل يوم من محلل فني انجليزي انا مشترك وياه وعنده جروب خاص والتوصيات من 10 ل 15 يوميا وانا معاك ف كل شيء المصلحة واحدة ان
    شاء الله
    لينك التسجيل
    اهم شيء ادارة رأس المال و عدم الطمع والالتزام الكامل بالنقاط المحددة للدخول والخروج ومعدل النقاط من 1000 ل 1500 صافي ام شاء الله
    بعد التسجيل ابعتلي الاسم ورقم الموبايل علي
    whoever signs under our ib in hotforex ( scalping allowed ,no requotes,hedge allowed)
    will get signals everyday .. ranges from 10 to 15 signal per day and its free
    registration link free
    if ur account is greater than 1000$ choose 100% bonus ..if less choose the 30% rescue bonus its an advice from me folks ..any info needed ..signals are free for ppl under our ib if not its only 70$ per month
    * the leverage is flexible up to 1:500 and more in some accounts according to types and also there is islamic account which is 0 swap 0 comm ..
    *Amazing spreads from Hot Forex ... sometimes for gold is 1 .. for eur usd and major currencies not more than 1.5 ... for cross currencies not more than 5 for ex: eur/jpy is from 1.1 to 3
    kindly after signing up pm me the account number or send me an email with it to enlist u in the signals service and the most important thing is to stick to the instructions of the entry point and the take profit and stop loss and we are online and i will be contacting u all the time thru facebook hopefully it will be be good experience for everyone
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