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Thread: [AccentForex] Deposit Bonus +40%, Cash Bonus +35%, STP Account with spread from 0,1

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    Thumbs up Swap-Free Account from Accent Forex

    Swap-Free Account from Accent Forex

    • Swap-free accounts are reperesenteted for traders who can not use swaps by religious beliefs.
    • The following types of basic accounts of ("Micro", "Mini", "PROfit") are available with swap-free option.
    • All trading conditions (except swap) are remained unchanged.
    • Every working day at midnight swap will not removed or charged unaffected to the volume or currency of current order.
    • You will be able to keep opened orders for a long period of time using the swap-free accounts , and only volatility of the price will influence on profitable or unprofitable of Your trading position.
    • Please register new trading account for opening swap-freeaccount, and after registration, send Your request on this e-mail
    • If You are already a client of and would like to transfer Your account to the swap-free account, please contact to the Support Center via Live Chat or any other convenient for You way.
    • For opening of swap-free account or transfering to this account You need to accept the terms of these rules, download regulations

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    Thumbs up Deposit Method in Accent Forex

    There a lot of different ways, how you can deposit funds into your live account. AccentForex accept wire bank transfer, deposit through credit cards, basic electronic payment system.
    Below, given the instructions for different methods:

    • Bank Wire Transfer. Transfer funds from your banking account. Funds get into your account within one business day.
    • Credit Card. Use your credit card Visa, MasterCard or American Express for money transfer.
    • Skrill - one of the most popular e-payment system in the world. The system is convenient, due to the posibility to use deposit cards, prompt payment processing and low comissions. Withdrawal of money is carried out to your account in Skrill.
    • In case if you have couple live accounts. AccentForex give you the opportunity to transfer funds from one account to another, with NO commission.
    • Liberty Reserve is the type of electronic currency which is easy-to-use and exchange. Fee for payment within the system mounts to 1% of the transferred sum but not less than $0.01 and not more than $2.99
    • WebMoney. You can transfer US dollars, Euro, Russian ruble and Ukrainian hryvnia using the WebMoney payment system. It is fast and reliable way to transfer funds to your account. Withdrawal of the deposit is made back to your account with WebMoney.

    We want to pay your attention. Please, always specify your account number at AccentForex, last name and first name. This will give us the opportunity to credit money to your account promptly. Please note, that only account holder can transfer the money. AccentForex does not accept transfers from third parties.
    To speed up the crediting of funds listed on your account, immediately after the money transfer, we recommend you to fill in the Replenishment's confirmation in the trader room.
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    Thumbs up Demo Account From Accent Forex

    Download terminal and start practicing now.

    Opening of demo account allows you to obtain important skills and knowledges for free.

    A demo account will give you an opportunity to test yourself in the Forex market trading, to experience the trading platform possibilities, to try out your skills and knowledges, to practice trading and evaluate the quality of our service. Moreover, trading with demo account is financially risk-free.

    Demo account is similar to live trading account, including live quotes and charts, access to our client support service, except for zero deposit required.

    The demo account is unlimited in time (visiting at least once in fortnight is required). With your demo trading account You can practice making transactions and ordering step by step, develop and try out your own trading strategy without any financial risk.

    When opening a demo account we advice you to indicate the deposit you would make into your live account. It will allow you to manage the funds with more precision in the future.
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    Thumbs up Withdraw Fund From Accent Forex

    Withdraw Fund From Accent Forex

    • Request for withdrawing funds sends out from the Trader room.
    • When there are two or more active details, the withdrawal is carried out on any of the selected details.
    • Withdrawing funds to bank accounts are possible only after depositing money through a bank.
    • Web Money commission is 0,8% for withdrawing money from your account.
    • The Company does not charge any commission. Commission based on the beneficiary's bank.
    • Withdrawing process will be completed within 5 business days from the moment of accepting withdrawing request by the Company from the Client.

    AccentForex, in accordance with international laws on combating terrorist financing and money laundering, does not accept payments from third parties and payments to third parties are not carried out.

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    Thumbs up Contest With Interesting Prize

    Our specialists have already checked accounts that took a part in promo “Premium limousine Jaguar XJ. Primary results of all contest accounts are below.

    Winners’ account is defined.

    The nearest contest account that satisfies all Promo conditions is… 74523. We congratulate Markku Heikkinen from Finland. AccentForex’s administration contacts him these days to discuss conditions of reward.

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    Thumbs up Introducing Broker (IB) in Accent Forex

    Be your own boss, set up productive business, which may increase your income, be a part of the reputable, well rated broker company. Is that what you thinking about?


    We are well-known, reputable broker company, which can be trusted. We are providing professional service and support for our IB partners and clients as well. We cooperating with those, who are ready to grow, earn and make some changes in their life. It does not matter if you are well developed IB partner with huge experience or just the one, who been a trader and want to earn not only as a trader.

    Our skilled team of professionals is ready to help you out from the beginning. Providing you with all necessary software, giving advises and share experience in attracting clients, creating your client base, opportunity to grow and earn. Each one of the IB partners is important for us.

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    Thumbs up Term and Cobdition Introducing Broker (IB) in Accent Forex

    Become as an IB partner with AccentForex and get your special deal

    • HIGHEST COMMISSION LEVEL (up to 90%) ;
    • INCREASING YOUR COMMISSION (more clients, more commission);
    • NO RESTRICTIONS ON COMMISSION (even if your clients doing scalping or using EA’s etc.) you still getting your commission;
    • MULTILEVEL COMMISSION SYSTEM (different ways to get commission);

    As you can see, there is many advantages of cooperation with us. One of the main advantage is we are providing our IB partners with MT4 MANAGER. That program giving you a chance to get all information about group of your clients. You are getting all information along with our managers. THERE IS NOTHING CAN BE HIDDEN. You are getting access to all activity of your clients. Each completed trading operation will be counted and rewarded.


    To start working and earn with us, please fill out anapplication

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    Thumbs up Term and Condition Cash Bonus +35%

    • Trader by submitting the application guarantee agrees with all terms and conditions of bonus + 35% Promo.
    • These terms and conditions shall be the official and taken into account for calculating or retirement bonuses, as well as in solving disputes
    • All account types: Micro, Mini, STP and PROfit open during the promo can be credited with the bonus +35%.
    • The bonus available for only new client’s accounts opened for the first time in AccentForex.
    • To request bonus customer should apply request from “My Profile” with the amount of deposit
    • The bonus can be credited with no any order during period between deposit and bonus request
    • Minimal deposit, which can be credited with the bonus+35% its $ 300 (EUR 300)
    • The maximum size of the bonus accrued on one account can not exceed $ 1050 (EUR 1050)

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    Thumbs up Cash Bonus 35% Calculation

    The bonus amount can be calculated from the next table:

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    Thumbs up Term and conditions Deposit Bonus 40%

    1. Trader must read carefully all these terms and conditions to get bonus funds. Since customer request bonus, its mean trader fully agree with current terms and conditions.
    2. Bonus funds can be credit to all account types: Micro, STP, Mini and PROfit.
    3. Bonus available after request from “My Profile”
    4. You can’t make any transactions or orders before you request bonus +40%
    5. Bonus funds available for any deposit that more than $100 (EUR 100)
    6. Total amount of Bonus funds can’t be more than $4000 (EUR 4000)
    7. There are can be 5 credited bonuses at one account at same time, not more.
    8. Withdraw funds from account or internal transfer bring cancel bonus. Bonus would be cancel in proportion to the size of the balance at time of withdrawal
    9. Since account credited with bonus +40% - it can’t take a part in any other bonus promo
    10. Bonus request would be proceed during 24 business hours since it requested
    11. Trader can request cancel all bonus funds credited to his account
    12. Trader can request cancel negative balance on his account. In this case, all bonus funds would be cancel too.
    13. Bonus can’t be transferred with internal transfer
    a. Bonus would be canceled according to point 8 of these rules after internal transfer
    14. Trader can trade bonus as ordinary deposit. Bonus funds support your margin while trading.
    15. Bonus funds is actual during three months after you get it
    16. Bonus funds is fully broker owned
    a. AccentForex reserves the right to deny bonus credit without any explanation
    b. AccentForex reserves the right to cancel all previously accrued bonus funds without any explanation
    c. AccentForex have no responsibility (direct or no direct) for the consequences of cancellation (or no charge) bonus funds and encourages disregard bonus funds in the calculation of risk-management and / or trading strategies trader
    17. AccentForex can request any additional ID documents or personal data from trader to credit bonus funds
    18. AccentForex can change existing terms and conditions without explanation

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