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    Default Do not Close your Trades Early

    There are lots of people in this market who have closed their trades early in Forex. If you think you can make the profit if you close your trades early, we are going to tell you that you will lose a lot of money when you have closed your trades in Forex. The market can be volatile and it is not predictable. All the traders know that and this volatility is the only thing that can make you profit and also take your profit. If you always try to win the volatility, you cannot make your profits in Forex. A lot of successful traders lost their profit because they could not take risks into their account. It is hard to watch your profit is going down and your account is going to be closed in Forex. The best thing to do is to close your trades in Forex. If you have ever analyzed, the closing trades also become profitable at one point of the trend. It may be far but the trends do not stay down for eternity. These trends can go up and you can have your profit in Forex. The risks of closing your trades early are not only making the loss but it can also make you close your career in Forex.

    You need to stick to your trading plan
    Majority of the traders are blowing their trading account since they donít stick to their trading plan. But if you look at the most successful trader at Saxo then you will be surprised to see their trading discipline. They know this market is totally unpredictable and no can win all the trades. So they follow the simple rule of money management and trade with high-risk reward ratio. If you close your trade early then you are actually killing your trading plan. You have to consider the risk factor to make a profit on a regular basis. Without following strict trading discipline it will be nearly impossible for you to cover up the trading loss.

    Being a new trader in the CFD trading industry you might say how we really trade this market. The answer is simple, develop a balanced trading system. Instead of risking a huge amount of money trade with 2% risk per trade. Always consider the probability factor and trade with the market trend.

    The trends will always change
    You cannot expect the trends will be in your favor always. There will be times when you will lose the market though you have placed the perfect trades. This is one of the mistakes that all traders do in Forex. There is no strategy that is perfect for Forex. Volatility is the only thing that is perfect for Forex. Professional people also cannot understand this volatility and they keep their trades open in the market for a long time. If you asked them why they always choose to trade with the long-term strategy, you will find the answer that they like to make a profit and the best way to make your profits in this changing markets is not by closing your trades early. Short term strategy does not let that happen and they turn to the long-term strategy in Forex. If you think only market changes make you close your trades early, you should not trade the market. You have to adapt your strategy to the changing markets and closing your trades early is going to make you lose money.

    Every trend is profitable at sometime
    These trends do not stay low or up for all the time. It may hold its position for hours and days and also for months, but it will change and you have your profit. You have to set your trades in the market in apposition that they are not closed by the market trends. All the trends will come to your favor when you give them time.

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    The reason why traders close profitable trades too soon is due to the traders fear of missing out. Holding onto a profitable trade is a difficult problem to solve.

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    We can choose when we should close our positions, sooner or later. but some forex brokers have a provision to cover our position for more than 5 minutes, which would be detrimental to us. Therefore I advise you to trade at FreshForex because FreshForex does not have a trading time limit.

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    To achieve the trading needs a trader can’t disagree with the reality that he will necessitate some good trading moves that will allow his to take decisions as per the situation of the market. a foreign currency exchange trader should try to work with a broker that will allow him to enjoy re-quote and slippage free well timed, fastest and orderly trade executions always so that the trader can make the best advantage of market situations.

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