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    Default Emotionless trading

    Emotion leads to a great loss to a trader. Every Forex trader should be devoid of emotion because it only gives a trader loss nothing else. An emotional person can do anything because he usually has no control over his mind. With Trade12 my trading profit is higher and there is place of emotion indeed. The broker is offering smart bridge technology, no restrictions for pending orders, ECN accounts with lowest commission.

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    A trader can face emotional dilemma while trading in the forex market. Sometimes, mind says one thing and heart says different. Again, there are many moments where a trader can feel that anger, frustration or even happiness are becoming his enemy since when trader takes decisions out of emotions he can’t think rationally. A trader will require strong trading approach along with the right psychological strength of accepting any market situations and take decisions thereby.

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    Emotion is taken completely out of trading if you follow your trading rules. When emotions start to come into play, re-read your trading plan and do what it says to do.

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