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    Default illusive bonus offer: a trap

    Many scam brokers are trying to fool the naÔve traders or in true sense some greedy traders by offering illusive bonus offers. Brokers claim that they will provide some fixed money to the traders if they deposit some specified money with that broker. But the unfortunate fact is: too withdraw funds they sometimes again have to deposit money. By this process, all the money gets locked as all such offers donít extend the capital in true sense.

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    Yes, so many broker use bonus for their scam, that's why you should be careful about it. But I'm here to recommend you to trading with FreshForex and claim your 101% tradable bonus, it's not a trap, it's a real bonus that you can use for your trading activity, just go here and read by yourself about FreshForex promo.

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    Bonuses are always meant to be the biggest trap. I have myself suffered with brokers like InstaForex, who offered 30% bonus but once I started up on trading, I was screwed as the bonus was taken off and left me face with margin call. So, wise to select a reliable broker.

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    The way through which a trader minimizes his risk level is called risk management. Almost every person needs to reduce his risk in the case of trading. Every professional trader does not maintain his professionalism will be ruined. I am managing risk has become a part of the professional trading system. With TP Global FX I enjoy high trading leverage, narrow floating trading spreads, superior fast execution, and ECN.

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    I don't trade with bonuses anyway, I prefer to trade with my own money.

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