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    Quote Originally Posted by uncle gober View Post
    We must choose regulated broker which guarantee their clients fund. We also make sure that broker give convenient service for us so we can feel comfort when trading. We can find a good forex broker recommendations from various sources, but it is better to try the performance of the server with the usual free account offered by the broker, like 15 EUR from Armada Market before we trading using our own money.
    I think comfort is number one in choosing a broker. The services provided must support our trading broker. And I found it in instaforex. With leverage 1:1000 and Trading without spreads, will make me more comfortable trading.

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    Now, I am using Trade12 trading broker which is regulated and for all time make sure security of funds with 100% initial bonus, lowest trading spreads 0.1 pips, minimum margin requirement up to leverage 1:400, easy withdrawal , low transaction cost and much more real trading facilities.

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    It will always be good if you'll ask a close friend of yours,who is into trading and in that way you can be fully sure that the broker that he is in is really a trusted one, that what I did that's why I was into my broker today. Or the other way around you can also, do your own research and mind you this must be extensive. I think, you can do that it is just a matter of choosing what suits you At the same make sure that whatever broker you choose, you must able to earn 90% return on investment -- that would be profitable!
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    I will review about Hot Forex, I make deposit and trading with Hot Forex, but when I want to withdraw my money, they make me waiting for 14 days with irrational reason, I think I didn't do anything wrong, but Hot Forex still said that I am break the rules. That's my review.

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