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Simple solution ..... Don`t take the trades... let the Trade Robot™
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For the novice trader FOREX can be a daunting challenge, typically your fear and greed will cause you lose consistently. The Trade Robot™ doesn`t experience any emotion and hence its results are a true reflection of its trading system. So if your learning the FOREX market and need a consistent return to keep you going, Trade Robot™ can provide you with the security of having some of your capital consistently growing and therefore take the pressure of your own trading performance.

If you are an experienced trader or funds manager, what better way to diversify your investments and hedge yourself? Or just a way to provide you returns whilst you are on holidays. The Trade Robot™ will trade YOUR OWN Account held by reputable brokers FXCM or Refco and best of all, it will do it for free. At anytime you feel unhappy with the robot`s performance simply close your account and withdraw your funds. There are no up-front or ongoing costs associated with using the robot.

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