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    Default Learn To Make Consistent Profit in Forex Trading

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    Making Consistently Profit in Forex? Try this step :
    1) Focus on trading, not just on making money
    2) Learn that NOT trading is part of the game (Being out of a trade is a position)
    3) Become organized and disciplined
    4) Take a longer-term view of what “success” means
    5) Develop a strict daily trading routine to develop positive trading habits

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    A consistent profit from FOREX trading is possible for those who couple a superior trading strategy with disciplined money management. The FOREX market is the largest financial market in the world. Because there are so many participants, competition is keen in this zero-sum game. To be a perennial winner, you will have to understand all aspects of the FOREX market, use a proven set of techniques to generate trading signals, and then place trades that allow your winnings to grow while quickly cutting your losses.

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    Regular low profit gaining is a way that makes you confident in this way you will bw able to have consitent profits. Traders with low risk trading are at safe end than those who just play with their money , their all targets are to get quick but not consistent profits.

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    I think the only way we will be able to bring consistency in our trading is by regularly doing practice and trading. Mostly on demo account we will get bored so that is why i trade on OctaFX Champion Demo Contest where i can improve my skills and consistency plus chance of winning a grand prize of 1500 USD for the first prize and apart from i also take parts in other contest that happens on OctaFX.

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    is this signal service still available? the website is down. and the post is from last year.

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    Yes making a consistent profit in forex market is possible and its very hard, loss is a part of forex and you have to learn from it and get over. If you genuinely dedicate yourself then you can surely be a successful trader.

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    If the broker that you chose does not have the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to properly advise the new forex trader, the possibility of failure increases significantly. more experienced brokers are more preferable than inexperienced ones because of their record of stability and reliability.I open an account with Tickmill is one of ECN broker, the broker has a speed of execution and low spreads are I needed to do scalping . this is usually the main thing when I decide to choose the right broker for scalping. this method is very suitable for me to apply in this broker because this broker provide me the spreads as low as 0,3 pips on eurusd, no requotes, positive slippage.

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    all i have now is determined mind to keep learn and practice my trading skill. Managing money (money management) is one financial technique every forex trader should aspire to get hold of in the forex. other will well agree with me that even sometimes, we don't really need very big capital to make a very reasonable success on our trades. Sometimes it is about managing the small one we had first. And also, would need to add patience, it takes time for seeds to grow, same goes with forex money management system. I widely open for any MM advice, as intend to learn more, simple 1:2 kind of risk management I use with my tickmill account ? simply put take profit and stop loss for each trade, slowly grow my account with low risk, is there any RR suggestion instead the currently I used ?

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    evaluation will help us in running and maximize the ability and effort to get better in the future, because by routinely we do the evaluation then we will find it easy to maximize trading performance correctly.

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