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Thread: The Best tool You use in Forex ??

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    shere0901 is offline Senior Member
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    Sep 2012

    Default The Best tool You use in Forex ??

    In Life generally, Everyone has preferable things that he/she loves.
    As the same in Forex definitely each one of us has a specific tool that he prefers to utilize and depends upon in his analysis.
    personally, Patterns of all kinds candles, chart patterns and Harmonic are a basic tool in my analysis.
    You also surely have an important and essential tool used in your analysis and you never ignore or mostly rely on that we can name it indispensable whatever is it.
    I wait your replies to exchange our ideas and tools that no doubt will benefit us in some direction.

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    UMOFX AIR is offline Member
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    Feb 2014


    I use candle stick and Bollinger Bands for analysis and trend definition .Candle stick is good and basic for traders . After decide for trading I use stop loss and take profit to limit my trades. It not involves my emotions in trading. These are effective tools for beginners who feel difficulty in risk mnagement.
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    Steve Olson is offline Banned
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    Aug 2014


    I had lost my trading capital several times by using default-trading indicators. Whatever, now I can earn consistent money by trading. Because, I use world best trading strategy called ‘Holy Grail Golden Eagle’ system. My strategy works in trending condition as well as ranging condition of market. Therefore, I can make my profit in every time. I also get re-entry trading signal by my strategy. It is very simple to implement.

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    ymir is offline Banned
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    Oct 2014


    your best tool is your own experience. any legendary tool are perfectly made, build from scratch, constantly refined, and regularly maintenence.
    value you own trading experience and have a good memory storage of any trading result.
    old words said, experience are the best teacher

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    muhitalam is offline Banned
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    Oct 2014


    Best tool is experience & knowledge. Many people use indicator/signal or other thing. but if don`t have knowledge & experience then it`s can`t help. in this view i think experience & knowledge best tool.

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    orni308 is offline Senior Member
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    May 2013


    of course knowledge and experience do back our trading, i prefer using stoploss and in almost all my trades i use stoploss.

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    Nov 2015


    In Forex trading from all trading tools, spreads is mainly considered as a most important which an investor should consider when choosing a broker. as a scalper, I always have to depend on lowest trading spreads for making profit with certainly by scalping that brings profit in a short time. Now, I am looking for in a broker which is regulated and for all time makes sure lowest trading spreads.

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    hostgatorcode1 is offline Junior Member
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    Jun 2016


    Pauly, normally it is very difficult for a contractor to give a good quote based on general information like you've described above, scott paterson. I'm sure you understand costs also depends upon many variables like the condition of the location, logistics, quality of the work, materials used, details etc., etc. A good contractor should be able to provide you with a quotation that breaksdown the items, unless explainable.

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    Sobahan Ali is offline Senior Member
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    Jan 2017


    From all trading tools in Forex trading leverage is most important which an investor should consider when choosing a broker. Basically leverage allows an investor to grow his market exposure to a level that exceeds the initial investments.

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    Mark M is offline Senior Member
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    Dec 2016


    I think from leverage spreads is an important financial tool which an investor should consider when choosing a broke because the trading spreads can affect the result of our trading with certainly. So, we have to choose the trading platform which for all time ensures best trading environment for using any trading techniques by providing comfortable trading spreads.

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