Strap yourselves in, the markets are going on a rollercoaster ride. And depending on your appetite for risk you should prepare your portfolios accordingly.
If you want to protect what you have, the sign posts to the safe havens havenít changed and are easy to read.
If you want to try and ride the volatility and believe you have the know-how to profit from it, then take a deep breath and start reading between the lines of news stories. Thereís no roadmap for this because the outcome is far from certain.
The ongoing chess match between two superpowers has reached a critical point, and control of the Arab states is set to be redefined according to whose plans play out the most successfully with Syria as the focal point.
From 2012, former US President Barack Obama argued that the US shouldnít intervene in Syriaís civil war, wary of the anti-US atmosphere resulting from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Russian President Vladimir Putin stepped in and directed the Syrian conflict in*favor*of Russia, Iran and the Assad regime at the expense of the US and its Arab, Israeli and Turkish allies.
Perhaps it was payback for Washington meddling in Serbia and Bosnia in the 1990s

more details : Itís going to get volatile sooner or later