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  1. Daily Analysis - 26/08/2011

    Euro In Long Wedge, Pound in Shorts, Yen Rebounding

    Be careful trading overnight ahead of Bernanke's speech at Jackson Hole Wyoming. Last year the same event sent the markets into a tailspin. So....
  2. Daily Analysis - 23/08/2011

    ForexPros Daily Analysis August 23, 2011

    Free webinar on ForexPros - US Dollar index and world markets.

    Expert: Alexander Shelupinin

    Start: Sun, Aug 28, 2011, 09:00 EDT
    End: Sun, Aug 28,...
  3. Daily Analysis - 19/08/2011

    ForexPros Daily Analysis August 19, 2011

    Free webinar on ForexPros - 7 golden rules for the novice trader

    Expert: Bastian Rubben

    Start: Mon, Aug 22, 2011, 13:00 GMT
    End: Mon, Aug 22,...
  4. Daily Analysis - 17/08/2011

    Euro, Pound in Longs, Hitting Resistance, Yen Hugging Lows


    On the daily, the euro is in longs but hit resistance at the short setup at 1.43877, with a target at 1.3571. The break in...
  5. Daily Analysis - 15/08/2011

    Euro in Range, Pound In Next Short, Yen Flirting With Lows


    On the daily looks to be in a range between 1.44 and 1.405-1.4125. It has just broken the short it was in, going through the...
  6. Daily Analysis - 10/08/2011

    Euro In Wedge, Pound Broke Range, Yen Near Lows


    On the daily, the euro broke its short setups. The euro has now broken its short and it long setups on the daily. The euro is in a wedge....
  7. Daily Analysis - 09/08/2011

    Euro in Short, Pound Still In Range, Yen Near All Time Lows


    On the daily, the euro continues in shorts, albeit in messy setups. Setups are technically being broken, so its best to trade...
  8. Daily Analysis - 07/07/2011

    Dollar Index Pares Losses As Liquidity Returns

    The dollar index had a bullish up day yesterday following 6 consecutive bearish candles. This bullish candle formed as liquidity returned to the...
  9. Daily Analysis - 06/07/2011

    ForexPros Daily Analysis July 06, 2011

    Tomorrow: Free webinar on ForexPros - Live Price Action Trading

    Expert: Raul Lopez

    Start: Thu, Jul 7, 2011, 09:00 EST
    End: Thu, Jul 7, 2011, 10:00...
  10. Daily Analysis - 05/07/2011

    Aussie & Kiwi review ahead the Australian cash rate


    There is lots of news regarding the Australian economy that have been published during the past two days. Building approvals went...
  11. Daily Analysis - 04/07/2011

    EUR/NZD Ready for a Move

    So far, in 2011 the EUR/NZD pair has not made much progress. It started the year at around 1.7250 and now, six month later is at 1.7500, which not much more than a daily...
  12. Daily Analysis - 30/06/2011

    Cable and Euro at major Resistance lines

    US dollar traded lower against the euro and pound in recent days, lost more value against the euro as Eur/Gbp seems to be in a powerful uptrend mode.
  13. Daily Analysis - 29/06/2011

    Possible Descending Channel in NZD/USD

    With the financial world focusing on Greece, it is of no surprise that the European currencies are among the most volatile now. The Euro responds sharply to...
  14. Daily Analysis - 28/06/2011

    GBP/CAD Long-Term Direction Still Unclear

    The British Pound is typically a rather volatile currency. Most of its crosses have large daily ranges and easily identifiable trends. The GBP/CAD is not...
  15. Daily Analysis - 27/06/2011

    EUR/JPY Under Pressure

    Not that long ago the EUR/JPY was in a strong bullish mode. Following the G7 intervention to weaken the Yen, this pair rallied to 123.31, a large appreciation, considering...
  16. Daily Analysis - 23/06/2011

    Outlook for the EUR/USD & GBP/USD for today

    Wall Street finished lower on the background of Bernanke' speech. He suggested that economy's slowdown is impact by factors that might continue to 2012....
  17. Daily Analysis - 22/06/2011

    Is AUD/CAD Building a Top?

    The commodity currencies have stalled their recent rallies. For the most part, the respective central banks have been hesitant about raising interest rates, something...
  18. Daily Analysis - 21/06/2011

    Euro, Pound in measured Moves Long But Hitting Resistance

    Fibonacci Forex Trading Analysis


    On the daily, the euro is in measured moves long and is butting up against resistance at the...
  19. Daily Analysis - 20/06/2011

    What Is Next For EUR/USD?

    The common currency is on the hot seat again. After being quiet for some time, the Greek sovereign debt problem resurfaced as a dominant market mover and the Euro’s price...
  20. Daily Analysis - 16/06/2011

    US Dollar Move: The Easy Money Is Gone, Wait on Pull-backs

    Stock markets are lower across the globe, after Greek debt worries and a slowdown of the U.S. economy. The results seen on the FX board...
  21. Daily Analysis - 15/06/2011

    Euro Breaks Longs, Pound Testing Longs, Yen Hit Resistance


    On the daily, the euro looks like its about to break its long setup, with the full traditional long line in the sand at 1.4388....
  22. Daily Analysis - 14/06/2011

    How did I know exactly how the USD/JPY would act?

    As I had estimated yesterday, the Yen touched the resistance of the trend line and made the hammer-doji candlestick in the daily. It seems to be a...
  23. Daily Analysis - 13/06/2011

    Euro, Pound in Short Setups, Yen Confirms Range


    On the daily, the euro is in measured moves short and has hit its next full 50% long at 1.4331 and has found some support. The long has a...
  24. Daily Analysis - 09/06/2011

    Gold is about to hit its historical highs

    The gold's price is back to its historical highs again. Many analysts and individual investors had estimated that the gold would not get back to 1550$...
  25. Daily Analysis - 07/06/2011

    Did the USD/CAD shake you out?

    The Canadian has made a long bearish hammer after it broke through 0.9815 on Friday. Many amateurs closed their position during that shake-out, and now the CAD might...
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