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  1. IntegrityFX Daily Intermarket Outlook - 08/04/2009

    IntegrityFX Daily Intermarket Outlook
    by John Rowa, Currency Strategist & Web Coordinator

    U.S. stocks rose for the fourth consecutive day as traders continue to find risk appetite in industries...
  2. Free Forex Workshop - IntegrityFX & Boris Schlossberg Bring Forex Tour to Dubai

    IntegrityFX & Boris Schlossberg Bring Forex Tour to Dubai

    (Dubai, UAE, April 27, 2009) - The IntegrityFX Education & Training Center has just announced an intensive Forex trading workshop will be...
  3. Daily Forex Market Outlook - 12/01/2008

    After a historic rally in equity markets saw 5 straight positive days and a 12% rally in the S&P 500, traders returned from their Thanksgiving holiday to be greeted by a return to the long-term form...
  4. Daily Forex Market Outlook - 11/24/2008

    After the announcement of another government bailout, this time for floundering Citigroup, U.S. stocks opened in triple digit positive numbers today. The company, which lost over 60 percent of its...
  5. Trading Levels - 11/05/2008

    Markets have been consolidating to start the week in anticipation of election results and interest rate statements during a busy fundamental week. Low volume has driven most pairs into tightening...
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    Trading Levels - 11/03/2008

    Markets have been consolidating to start the week in anticipation of election results and interest rate statements during a busy fundamental week. Low volume has driven most pairs into tightening...
  7. Daily Forex Market Outlook - 11/03/2008

    One of the most important presidential elections of recent memory has held the markets at a stalemate over the past 24 hours. How the market will respond to whichever candidate being elected is...
  8. Daily Forex Market Outlook - 10/30/2008 Daily Forex Market Outlook
    by John Rowa, Executive Director of Trading

    The Fed cut the overnight target rate to its lowest level since 2004 at 1.00% on Wednesday and markets...
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    Trading Levels - 10/28/2008

    Is the bounce on or are we looking at another “sell the rally” opportunity? Our long-term outlook still looks down on equity markets, but such oversold trends and bargain buys should create a...
  10. Daily Forex Market Outlook - 10/28/2008

    While investors, economists, hedge fund managers, politicians, TV journalists, and avid online stock market forum posters have vied for the title of “Market Bottom Caller” we have consistently...
  11. Daily Forex Market Outlook - 10-22-2008

    Over the past week and a half, many advisors, economists, investors, market mavens, and CNBC pundits have been calling the market bottom and promoting the expected retracement in equity and Forex...
  12. Daily Forex Market Outlook - 10-21-2008

    The Dollar has reached 18-month highs against the Euro as the important 1.3250 mark has been passed. Volatility in the dormant carry trade continued to drive it lower as the flight of safety to Yen...
  13. Daily Forex Market Outlook - 10-20-2008

    Global equity markets jumped out to a positive start to the week, but risk aversion still is prevalent in Forex as investors look toward a busy week of economic data releases that are expected to...
  14. Daily Forex Market Outlook - 10-16-2008

    Futures rallied early Thursday after Asia and early Euro sessions pointed to signs of another US market sell-off. Speculation has driven markets wildly during a volatile week as investors are torn...
  15. Daily Forex Market Outlook - 10-15-2008

    Market uncertainty and a string of data releases caused for negative markets in Europe Wednesday while investors in the US saw poor retail sales and other recession fears drive their market 300...
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    Daily Forex Market Outlook - 10-14-2008

    The Dow surged yesterday 936.42 points in the largest trading gain since 1933, but market historians warn that the next few days are even more important than yesterday’s historical climb. Has the...
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    Daily Forex Market Outlook - 10-13-2008

    Primed for a bounce, forex markets have rallied on news of Europe implementing a plan to guarantee bank lending in their effort to stimulate the global economy. Futures are up 300 points over fair...
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    Daily Forex Market Outlook - 10-10-2008

    The “Flight to Safety” continues in Forex markets as investors used Friday’s Asian and early Euro sessions buy the Dollar and Yen once again. As markets around the world seem to be setting...
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    Daily Trading Outlook 10-08-2008

    A massive global meltdown is in full effect today as stock markets around the world have suffered historical losses in trading or have even completely closed down trading all together. In Asia,...
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    Daily Trading Outlook 10-06-2008

    Equity markets globally have sold off as the reality of a crisis-level lending crunch is crippling economies around the world. With the glamour of the “bailout plan” having already worn and...
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    Daily Trading Outlook 10-03-2008

    Investors vowing not to make the mistake of betting for a second time on a passing vote for the bailout bill have traded stock markets down around the globe including a close of -348.22 points on the...
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    Daily Trading Outlook - 10-01-2008

    The veil of an unaffected by the credit crisis Euro-zone has been lifted and we've seen the currency lose against virtually all other currencies over the past 3 days. As banks around the world...
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    Daily Trading Outlook - 09-30-2008

    An unexpected rejection of the Wall St. bail-out bill equaled over a trillion dollars in losses and some of the equity markets’ biggest losing days in modern history. As we anticipated, currency...
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    Daily Trading Outlook 09-25-2008

    Forex trading has nearly come to a halt as investors have all eyes on the US government and the historical decision they're expected to make within the next few days to bail out Wall Street. The...
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    The Bounce is On! Or is It?

    After unprecedented moves in August and September saw the Dollar gain hundreds of pips against all major currencies, the overbought market finally pulled back on Friday. With GBPUSD rising over 500...
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