Active Traders must always ensure that "is broker is providing a reliable platform ?". Financial instruments such as stocks and futures are traded on a market with a centralized order book that shows all open orders, the execution price and the last official price.

The Technical Analysis modules, platforms brokers, etc.. show these orders, prices and offer charts constructed on the basis of this information. If the strategy of a trader generates a signal, it can deal directly with this forex trading platform

In Forex, on the contrary, it is not in a market. The trader negotiates contracts on the basis of prices displayed by his broker. This may cause 2 problems:

(a) The broker does not have its own technical analysis module but another broker (or you use another module AT). In this case, the trading price offered by your broker prices differ from module AT. You may receive a signal to buy, but the execution price will be higher. Therefore, your profit will fall by a few pips.

(b) Your broker offers you a technical analysis module with a generic power supply. Again, the price you negotiate will be different prices in the chart. This will generate the same negative effect as in the previous case. Most brokers offer these types of platforms. So be careful!

In a reliable platform, the prices that you can handle are the same price as the basis for charts and technical indicators. Platform WH SelfInvest for example, is a reliable platform