To be a successful FX trader you need to educate yourself and have a long term plan. The lack of a forex trading strategy will guarantee failure. When starting out as a forex trader it is easy to abandon your plan or lack of a plan.

When the trading is not going way that the forex trader envisioned, it easy to quickly abandon the original trading plan. This is usually done as an impulse because things didn't go as planned. If you are using a forex method that is not turning a profit then stop. Don't hold onto a losing position hoping that things are going to turn. You must re-evaluate.

For some it is easy to realize and admit that things are not going right. For others it is difficult to say they have a losing method. If you are not able to admit you have a losing forex trading method, might safe your ego. But it will not save your wallet. As a forex trader you want to be successful and make profits.

If you have a losing strategy you must be willing to change your strategy. Don't hold onto a losing forex method and hope that it is going to turn. Know when to change your trading methodology. Don't torture yourself; just change your trading methods and start making profits.

You can't win every trade but lets hope you win more than you lose.

There are a lot of different forex products to assist you with your trading.

Don't trade under stress. When you are under stress you are not trading with a clear mind. If you are experiencing a losing streak take a break. Clear your mind. Analysis the data and break out of the old trading methods. Try trading in smaller lots. Open up a mini forex account.

Don't get consumed with FOREX trading, get a life. It is very easy to let your forex trading take over and cut into your normal daily activities. Don' t put all your energies and emotional forex eggs into one basket. Take your forex trading wins and losses in stride.

Finally, remember you can't control the market. You might think you can but you can't. Manage your risk, know your limitations and enjoy the ride. If you are relaxed you will trade more creatively

Become a winning trader. Write out your strategy. Know your limitations and create a plan with precise entry and exit points. Tell yourself you will not break from this new plan. Test your system on paper and then test it live with a demo or live account. If you have losing trades, accept them, shake it off and go on to the next forex trade.