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    Default MAMA Strategy - Vertex FX Expert Advisor

    MAMA Strategy is a VertexFX client-side auto-trading robot based on the MAMA (MESA of Adaptive Moving Averages) indicator. It is an adaptive moving average based indicator that provides excellent trading entries.
    This indicator comprises of two components, the MAMA (BLUE line) and FAMA (RED line). The starting point of MAMA is the conventional EMA. The concept of MAMA is to relate the phase rate of change of the prices to the alpha (smoothing constant) of the EMA. The FAMA (Following Moving Average) is calculated by applying the MAMA to the MAMA itself. By using an alpha in FAMA that is half the value of the alpha in MAMA, the FAMA steps in synchronization with MAMA. This indicator is ideal in reducing whipsaws.
    BUY - Enter BUY trade when BLUE line (MAMA) closes above RED line (FAMA). Exit BUY when BLUE line closes below RED line.
    SELL - Enter SELL trade when BLUE line (MAMA) closes below RED line (FAMA). Exit SELL when BLUE line closes above RED line.

    Inputs :
    a) PERIOD : The default period for calculating the periods.
    b) FAST_LIMIT : The fast smoothing limit.
    c) SLOW_LIMIT : The slow smoothing limit.
    d) LOT_SIZE - The lot size of the trade.
    e) TP_POINTS - The take profit in points.
    f) SL_POINTS - The stop loss in points.
    g) MAGIC - The unique identifier for trades generated by this robot.
    h) POINT_DEFAULT - The point value of the current instrument

    Advanced Pro version of this EA is available in Vstore market.
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