This Friday is commonly referred to as Black Friday. The name refrences the day after Thanksgiving, when many retail stores offer their biggest sales, and holiday shoppers begin their holiday shopping.

In the past, when accounting was still done by paper in ledgers, accountants would indicate loss in red and profits in black; therefore, on Black Fridays, many retails stores suddenly, thankfully, found their accounting numbers back in the black.

How Can You Use This Upcoming Market Event?

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Well, this Thursday and Friday many exchanges are closed (due to the Thanksgiving holiday), but the following Monday when they open for action, in the past we've seen substantial moves in value - this is reaction based on how good or, conversely, how bad Black Friday was for the economy-at-large. Because Black Friday is a good indicator of the health of the economy, and many analysts and economists will use retail-data to generate their own 2011 holiday forecasts.

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