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    Sobahan Ali is offline Senior Member
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    Default Learning is reasy ?

    Learning is really important for any kinds of traders in particularly for the newcomers. I think from all self learning is the best. As a part of self learning we can take demo account which is the master place to become a knowledgeable trader very rapidly.

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    Mark M is offline Senior Member
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    Yes without passing a long time it is not possible at all to lead a healthy trading life with certainly, because the success in this market is related with long term process. But practically mostly traders in particularly the newcomers try to make success very rapidly and fall a great loss when trading practically.

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    mlawson71 is offline Senior Member
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    There are many ways to learn - from books, video tutorials, mentors, etc.etc., but the most important thing is to always practise what you learn. If you don't and just stick to the theory you won't be able to trade well.

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