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Thread: Best broker?

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    seekforex is offline Senior Member
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    Jul 2012

    Default Best broker? provides services to allow customers to trade on Forex and CFD online.

    We have very competitive trading conditions.

    $0 commission on Forex trading
    1:200 leverage (for accounts with balance of up to $500 the leverage is 1:500)
    Instant execution of orders
    Ability to trade all instruments from a single account.

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    tradergirl816 is offline Member
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    Sep 2012


    Yeah, I agree. Forex Metal is one of the best and most reliable brokers. Not only that, it has a support system that will definitely guide you through the process of trading. I have traded forex and gold several times from my solo account and it was a breeze. I am still a newbie, but I've prepared myself to the risks in this field, but guidance is also a must for someone to succeed in trading.

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    bellalca is offline Junior Member
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    Sep 2012


    yes, I am 100% agree to you. there are various Forex broker in the world. but all broker is not good. I am working with Forex-Metal. Really it is a good broker in the Forex Market.

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    Samuel23 is offline Senior Member
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    Apr 2012


    Good to know that we have some good Forex brokers around. It is important as some of us like to trade in different brokers to know which one is the most reliable. I just found another one and surely will have to check this out soon. Thanks a lot and best of luck with your trades!

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    papia09 is offline Banned
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    It is very tough to claim which one is best broker but I want to tell about my broker FreshForex is quite enough to trade Forex. I personally like this broker because no limit for depositing money and they offer very lowest floating spreads. More ever, their bonuses system is really unique that is based on 33*3.

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    Gary is offline Banned
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    Aug 2014


    I have been doing trading in Forex for almost 1 year now and i have been trying all sort of brokers new/old but mostly in my early 4-5 months i had bad experience with scam brokers but finally after i found Freshforex all my tension and stress has disappear and i have been trading with them for the past 6 months and i have never faced any issue or i have any complain not only their payment are instant but their supporting service is also incredible.

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    SurtiTrader is offline Junior Member
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    Forex Metal is one of the best and most reliable brokers.

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    ymir is offline Banned
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    you can define best brokers based on several factor, their service, regulation, or by trading condition they offer.
    i've been use several brokerage service, here's some list of brokerage company i've been used, until today i still have active account with Armada markets only, i moved my money from other brokers with them. check the picture for comparison and you'll realize why I choose armada instead of the other company.
    compare spread.jpg

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