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    Default want to avoid loss? and make a lot of profit?

    If you want to invest in Forex and want to make a lot of profit and avoid loss , but you do not have enough experience or time to trade, then you will have to forward your account to an expert to be your account manager
    Most of investor loss came from 2 problems
    Prob no1 that they do not have enough experience
    Prob no 2 is that one may forward his account to non professional trader or scam trader

    So what is the solution?
    First you have to forward your account to a company not a single person, why? Because a company will usually career about your account and usually control their traders to save your account and make the most possible profit with low risk in comparison with a single trader
    2nd this company must have recorded history for at least 2 years and in different brokers for different accounts

    Where I can find this companies ? And with 2 years recorded history or more ?
    There is a lot of companies and also most of them has more than 7 years recorded history like the famous company EURFXUSD that has 7 years recorded history

    Summary : never to trade your self if you do not have experience, and use experienced account managers

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    since 2009 and they keep making good results is awesome

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    and they are really good, i hope they continue this good performance

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